Connecticut Health-Care Exchange Working to Lessen Dependency on Federal Systems

by Sterling Beard

After suffering from two outages caused by problems with the federal data hub, Access Health CT is taking steps to make itself less dependent on the federal government.

Access Health CT, Connecticut’s state-run health exchange, is taking bids this week from outside contractors to verify customers’ identities, reflecting a lack of faith in the federal systems.

“What we’re looking for is a stronger contingency plan,” Jim Wadleigh, Access Health CT’s chief information officer said.

The cost of the outsourcing, which is unknown as of yet, will be paid for with the $45 million systems budget the federal government provided Connecticut so the state could create its own exchange.

That isn’t the only move the exchange has made to make itself more independent. Seven of 14 functions originally handled by the federal data hub, such as arrangement for billing, are now performed in-house by Access Health CT. 

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