If You Like Your Sovereignty You Can Keep It, Period

by Peter Kirsanow

CBS reports President Obama said today there are now enough House Republicans on board to pass a comprehensive immigration-reform bill.

Let’s assume for the moment he’s telling the truth (yes, really). After the example of Obamacare, what on earth would give any Republican confidence to support any bill — let alone any comprehensive bill — supported by this president? How can you possibly trust any promise he’s made about enforcing the borders? Do you really believe him when he says this isn’t a complete and unconditional amnesty? Why don’t you suspect every single sentence in the bill is an utter fraud? And why, after the example of Obamacare, don’t you suspect this is going to be politically useful to the president and his party, but an unmitigated disaster for Americans and this country?

After answering the above, please explain why you repeatedly insist on letting Lucy hold the football for you while you attempt to kick it.

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