The Plan Cancellations Roundup

by Sterling Beard

People continue to lose their insurance policies around the country as a result of the Affordable Care Act:

In Louisiana, Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon said yesterday that insurance companies are reporting 92,793 individual-plan cancellations — 12,000 more than his initial estimate of at least 80,000 — because the plans didn’t meet the coverage requirements imposed by Obamacare. That’s a little over half of the state’s approximately 165,000 individual insurance policies.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Hampshire has informed 22,000 of its 30,000 individual-policy holders that their policies will be canceled at the end of the year for failing to meet the minimum-coverage standards.

And in Maryland, 73,000 residents will need to find new health plans next year; the Maryland Insurance Administration said that the carriers did not specify why they are cancelling the plans.

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