RNC: Where’s the Missing $6 Million?

by Maggie Gallagher

Jonah, to give concreteness to your general point, Reince Priebus and the governing council of the Republican National Committee need to be asked a very pointed question: Where’s the missing $6 million?

That’s how much less the RNC gave Cuccinelli than it gave McDonnell. Instead the RNC contributed $3 million each to the Virginia and New Jersey races. The latter, a no-contest with no serious opposition, the former the marquee race for the Democrats.

We need an explanation and we need it now.

Cuccinelli ran, in my opinion, a weak campaign, from an ill-defined future-oriented economic message, to simply lying back and taking it when the Dems plunged $7 million or more into branding him an anti-woman abortion extremist. 

But he was not a Lonegan longshot. He’s a serious guy who had won a statewide race in Virginia and was serving as attorney general.

Why did the RNC decide to roll over and starve Virginia of resources?

It’s a serious question and it deserves a serious answer. RNC delegates should be demanding one of their chief.

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