Grover Norquist Calls Christie a ‘Strong Voice for Conservative Governance’

by Alec Torres

President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist heaped praise upon Chris Christie on Wednesday, calling him a “strong voice for conservative governance” who has “moved mountains” in his state.

In an interview with Katherine Timpf of Campus Reform, Norquist called Christie “one of the six or seven who could run as a successful governor for the Republican nomination.” Norquist focused on Christie’s achievements in governing a state with a Democratic house and senate: reducing unfunded liabilities and taking on the teachers’ unions in his last term.

Christie earned over 60 percent of the total vote in his reelection victory last night, including 48 percent of voters between ages 18 and 29, and 21 percent of the African-American vote. In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Christie touted his tenure in New Jersey as a model of good governance.

Norquist called Christie a “fine voice for the Northeast Republicans,” and said we must “grade on a curve” for Republican governors who have had to manage divided governments as Christie has.

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