Research Group: Obamacare Helps Make ‘404’ ‘Top Word of the Year’

by Sterling Beard

The Global Language Monitor has named the word “404”—the error code given by browsers when they cannot find an address on the web—its “Top Word of the Year,” thanks in part to the myriad failures of

The Austin, Texas-based research group announced the selection yesterday in a post on its website; the error code beat out a slew of other words, including “Fail,” “Hashtag,” and “@Pontifex,” the Twitter handle of Pope Francis.

The selection was determined by the frequency of each word’s usage; the group used computers to track 275,000 electronic and print sources, including social media.

“404 is the near-universal numeric code for failure on the global Internet, augmenting its original use as ‘page not found’” Global Language Monitor’s chief analyst Paul JJ Payack said in the group’s post before specifically refererring to the disastrous launch of Obamacare.

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