Krauthammer’s Take: Obamacare Struck in Virginia

by NRO Staff

Obamacare is to thank for the close gubernatorial election in Virginia, Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday night.

“What Obamacare did is it singlehandedly — that’s only a slight exaggeration — turned what should’ve been a landslide, what almost was a landslide, into a cliffhanger,” Krauthammer said on Special Report.

Krauthammer went on to declare the result the second time Obamacare had wounded Democrats in Virginia — President Obama had campaigned for his party’s gubernatorial candidate in Virginia in 2009, which saw Republican Bob McDonnell win by 17 points — and predicted that it will “continue to strike.”

“Unless they stop the avalanche here, the Democrats are going to get buried in this,” he said.

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