Delaware Has Four Obamacare Enrollees

by Alec Torres

In a 300 percent increase from its initial reported figures in mid-October, Delaware now has four insurance enrollees under Obamacare, officials report. Beside its four total enrollments, Delaware has received 31 applications to enroll and 218 accounts total have been created on the exchange.

With four community organizations using a $4 million federal grant to aid people in buying insurance on the marketplace, the federal government is currently seeing a return of one enrollee for every $1 million spent to help people navigate the exchange.

Two insurance providers in Delaware, the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care and Westside Family Healthcare, have neither processed an enrollment nor received an application. No accounts have been created to view their plans.

Delaware Health and Social Service officials were reportedly so happy upon signing up their first enrollee, Janice Baker, in mid-October that they celebrated. President Obama had Janice Baker introduce him before his October 21 speech in the Rose Garden in which he praised the successes of Obamacare.

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