Obamacare’s Website: The More I See You . . .

by Charles C. W. Cooke

In the Washington Post, an Obamacare update simply titled “Uh-oh: Techies are finding new problems with HealthCare.gov”:

Today’s “Operational Update on the Health Insurance Marketplace” was not especially good news: As capacity problems at the start of HealthCare.gov get fixed, tech workers are finding new capacity problems later in the application process — ones that, up until now, they didn’t know about.

“Essentially what is happening is people are going through the entire process,” Medicare spokeswoman Julie Bataille, who runs the daily call, told reporters. “As we have fixed certain pieces of functionality, like the account creation process, we’re seeing volume go further down the application. We’re identifying new issues that we need to be in a position to troubleshoot.”

That means that, as the HealthCare.gov team ticks items off its “punch list,” it’s also adding new ones that need to be addressed.

The deeper you dig . . .

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