Krauthammer’s Take: Proposed Iran Deal ‘a Free Ride’ for Regime

by NRO Staff

Charles Krauthammer blasted the recently discussed nuclear deal with Iran Monday night, arguing that it reduces leverage over the Middle East nation and would do nothing to halt its nuclear program.

“The only way Iran would ever give up nukes — ever — is if the regime has a sense that it is threatened. That is the only thing that would stop them,” he said during a panel appearance on Special Report.

“So here we are at a point of maximum leverage, and what does the so-called deal offer? It . . . weakens the infrastructure of the sanctions, allows the Iranians to deal in oil and gold, and gives them a doubling of their cash on hand. . . . And it does nothing about the infrastructure of their nuclear program,” he said. “In other words, it takes away our leverage and it gives them a free ride.”

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