Sen. Mark Begich Claims He Has Enrolled in Obamacare

by Sterling Beard

Senator Mark Begich (D., Ala.) said Monday that he has enrolled in a health-insurance plan through the federal marketplace.

Begich, who has been a supporter of Obamacare, told the Associated Press that he had no trouble signing up. He also declared that the difference in the exchange’s performance between its launch and now was “day and night.”

Previously, enrollment proved so difficult that Enroll Alaska, a company founded specifically to enroll Alaskans, threw in the towel. According to the company, the federal exchange’s subsidy calculator was under-calculating the tax subsidy Alaskans were eligible for by $100.

The freshman senator said that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had informed him that the calculator was now functional. Tyann Boling, Enroll Alaska’s chief operating officer said that she had not been able to confirm that the calculator had been fixed. 

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