Minnesota Exchange Explains Why Those Eligible for a Subsidy Might Not Receive One

by Sterling Beard

In Minnesota, it turns out that eligibility for an Obamacare tax credit to ease premium costs doesn’t guarantee that an applicant will receive one.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that some Minnesotans feel bait-and-switched about tax credits. The exchange is telling them that they are eligible, but they live in an area where premiums are low enough that they receive none.

MNsure, Minnesota’s state health-care exchange, has had so many questions on the matter that it has added an informational voiceover to its hold music.

“Why do I qualify for a tax credit but the amount shown is zero? The amount of your tax credit is based in part on your income, where you live, and the premium amount for a silver level plan in your area,” explains a female voice. 

MPR says that MNsure officials are hopeful that addressing the question while callers are on-hold will reduce consumer frustration and call volume.

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