Carville Calls Obamacare Rollout ‘a Joke’

by Alec Torres

The Obamacare rollout is “not just a disaster, it has been a joke,” former Democratic strategist James Carville said on Tuesday night’s The Kelly Files on Fox.

Megyn Kelly questioned Carville on Obama’s falling poll numbers, citing Obama’s false promise that “if you like your plan you can keep it.” Carville told Kelly that you can’t hide that you’re in political trouble when the poll numbers fall, but that today’s poll numbers are not irreversible. “Look, this feels like August of 2011, when the Republicans were going to win the election,” Carville said, “and everything was going to be fine because [President Obama] couldn’t win. He came back.”

But, Carville said, it’s understandable that some people “don’t think [Obama’s] doing a very good job. To some extent you can’t blame some people for thinking that.”

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