Any Conservative Who Supports This Should Have His Head Examined

by Mario Loyola

It defies belief, after all we’ve been through trying to revive constitutional limits on federal power, that a single conservative member of Congress would even think about supporting the terrible idea of a federal pre-K program — not to mention one that would make states even more dependent on federal money. To support this bill is to admit that you see nothing wrong with the federal government running up huge deficits in order to purchase control of state governments. It’s to admit you don’t see anything wrong when the federal government offers money to the states on condition that they implement some federal program, even though the Supreme Court just explained why that can be a gun to the head of state governments. It’s to admit that you don’t see the problem with Medicaid, or other “cooperative federalism” programs that coerce states into funding and implementing federal schemes. It’s to admit that you basically share the progressive agenda, and that you really don’t know how the Constitution is supposed to work.

It’s too admit, in no uncertain terms, that you share the philosophy of government that got us into our current crisis of government, and are quite clueless how to get us out of it.

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