Picture of Health

by Mark Steyn

The identity of the “Obamacare Girl”, whose stock-photo loveliness was the least non-functioning part of the website, has been uncovered:

Journalists called her the “enigmatic Mona Lisa of health care” and devoted time and resources to tracking her down. But the smiling brunette whose face greeted millions of Americans when they visited the Obamacare health insurance website – which crashed repeatedly and was painfully slow to navigate after it was rolled out on Oct. 1 – remained shrouded in mystery.

But not anymore. The Glitch Girl turns out to be Adriana, a young lady from Colombia. Just another hardworking foreigner doing the jobs that Americans won’t do – like being photographed in the company of Obama’s signature achievement. Alas, she now regrets ever getting mixed up with the guy:

The “Obamacare Girl” spoke out for the first time – pushed, she says, to defend herself and accusing her attackers of “cyberbullying.”

“I mean, I don’t know why people should hate me because it’s just a photo. I didn’t design the website. I didn’t make it fail, so I don’t think they should have any reasons to hate me.”

He should have used his composite girlfriend.

PS That reference to “the enigmatic Mona Lisa of health care” reminds me of these poignant lines from Nat “King” Cole, so evocative of healthcare.gov:

Many dreams have been brought to your doorstep
They just lie there
And they die there.

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