Nothing Nefarious In Removal of Comment

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Regarding my post a little while ago on the Upton bill, I responded to a very thoughtful and well argued comment by one of our readers, who was worried that we were headed toward yet another conservative/GOP circular firing squad. After I responded, the reader’s comment was apparently deleted, and other readers wondered why that happened — especially since now you can see my response but not what I was responding to. This had to be just a technical glitch. There was nothing at all objectionable in what the reader wrote. Further, it took me about 15 minutes to post my short (especially for my windbagular self) response of only a few lines because I got knocked out of the text box with every keystroke and ended up having to write the response in Word, then paste it into the text box. So obviously something screwy is going on. Please don’t infer that it is anything more than that, and know how much we all appreciate the feedback from our wonderful readers. 

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