#IStandWithThomasPeters Tweetfest Is Today

by Michael J. New

Nearly four months ago Thomas Peters, the communications director for the National Organization for Marriage, was critically injured in a horrific swimming accident. Thomas is an occasional writer for National Review Online and is a great defender of life, traditional marriage, and faith. He blogs at CatholicVote and has been one of the leading social-conservative voices on Twitter where his handle [email protected]

Tom’s accident, at first, left him nearly paralyzed.  Not surprisingly, his recovery has not been easy. He had to undergo a two-day surgery to replace a damaged vertebrae with a titanium cage. His lungs were frequently infected due to the fact that he had ingested so much dirty water. All in all, it took six weeks to patch him up so that he would be medically stable enough to be transferred to a rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C. Thomas is going through therapy to regain the use of his limbs. Progress is slow, but steady. He reports that he is slowly regaining some finger function in his left hand.

Today, as Kathryn mentioned, some friends of Thomas have organized the #IStandWithThomasPeters tweetfest. Tom has just left the hospital and has moved into a new handicapped-accessible apartment with his wife Natalie. Funds are being raised to cover a range of expenses including a wheelchair, a hospital bed, and rehabilitation sessions. Interested readers can learn more about Thomas’ recovery and make a donation here.

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