The Other Huge Obama Disaster of the Week

by Mona Charen

This week on Need to Know, Jay (Nordlinger of course) and I welcome the insightful and erudite David Pryce-Jones to discuss the other implosion of the week — Obama’s Middle East policy. David tries – and fails — to understand John Kerry’s reasons for truckling to Iran and betraying Israel, and reflects on Obama’s foreign policy generally. Kerry’s declaration that “We aren’t blind and I don’t think we’re stupid” is, um, open for debate. We recall with bitterness Obama’s awful dereliction in 2009, when Iranians took to the streets to attempt to dislodge the world’s most dangerous regime, and Obama remained silent.

Jay and I then discuss the long-term implications of what Jay hates to call, but what nonetheless is, a “teachable moment.” The failure to launch of the rocket ship Obamacare may well serve to discredit the liberal/progressive project for a very long time to come. Come to think of it, on this score at least, Jay and I haven’t been this cheerful in some time.

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