Walker: Next President Should Be a Governor

by Alec Torres

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin thinks the next president and vice president should both be current or former governors. “It’s gotta be an outsider . . . people who have done successful things in their states,” he said on This Week today. Such criteria would, of course, rule out much-discussed possible candidates such as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.

Walker also drew a contrast between Republicans in Congress and those in the states, saying that “Republicans at the state level are much more optimistic, we’re speaking on terms that are much more relevant to where voters are at.”

Asked whether he’s considering running for the nation’s highest office, Walker said, “I don’t rule anything out.” If Walker commits to serving out a full term as governor following his election next year, he couldn’t run for president, but he said this morning he hadn’t made such a promise.

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