Gibbs: WH ‘Absolutely’ Cannot Afford Another Setback in Obamacare

by Andrew Johnson

Robert Gibbs warned the Obama administration that it can “absolutely not” afford to have any more issues with the Affordable Care Act if it wants to regain credibility with the American public. He said the deadline at the end of the month is “so very important” in allowing people to have access to the health care the law was meant to provide.

The former White House press secretary reiterated his belief that in order to regain people’s confidence, the White House should hold somebody accountable for the bungled launch — somebody within the Department of Health and Human Services or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“I think if this were to happen in the private sector, somebody would have probably already lost their job,” Gibbs said on Today on Monday. “I think the only way to restore ultimate confidence going forward is to make sure whoever was in charge of this isn’t in charge the long-term health-care plan.”

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