Dem. Rep.: ‘Not Sure’ Obama Has ‘Legal Underpinning’ to Reinstate Insurance Plans

by Andrew Johnson

President Obama may not have the legal authority to move forward with his “fix” for Americans who have lost their insurance plans, according to one longtime Democratic congressman.

Representative Nick Rahall (D., W.Va.) told CBS that he bucked a majority of his own party and supported the Upton bill in part because he was “not sure [the president] had the legal underpinning to do what he did.” He also said that he “perhaps” voted for the bill because the president’s plan did not go far enough in ensuring people could get their plans back.

Rahall joined 38 other Democrats in voting for the Upton bill despite the president’s vow to veto it if it ever reached his desk, and he is among the 90 percent of those Democratic supporters of the bill who face a tough election in 2014.

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