Obamacare Hits 58 Percent Disapproval in Rasmussen

by Patrick Brennan

The president’s health-care law dropped substantially in popularity over the last month and a half, according to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports — moving to 38/58 approval-disapproval among likely voters, from 45/49 in the firm’s previous survey, conducted October 4–5 (when the exchanges had been launched, but the problems were said to be transitory). That’s the highest disapproval rating for the law since January of this year. Sixty-six percent of Democrats still approve of the law, but that’s down from 73 percent around the law’s debut in October. 

Twenty-eight percent of Americans say their health insurance has been affected by the law. Interestingly, in October, 76 percent of people said that they believe Americans should be able to pick from health-care plans that offer varying degrees of coverage — something the Affordable Care Act makes impossible on the individual market.

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