In 2009, Democrats Killed ‘Keep Your Plan’ Amendment in Committee

by Jonathan Strong

Thirty-two Democrats helped kill a GOP amendment to explicitly allow people to keep their current health-care plans in a July 2009 House Energy and Commerce Committee vote.


“Nothing in this division shall prevent or limit individuals from keeping their current health benefit plan,” the amendment, offered by former Representative Cliff Stearns, said.


Many of the Democrats who voted to kill the amendment also promised to the public that individuals would be able to keep their current plans.


Representative Henry Waxman, then the chairman of the committee, promised to his constituents in a recent press release “if you like your doctor and your current plan, you keep them.” But Waxman voted against the amendment that would have done that.


Three Democrats voted for Stearns’s amendment. Only one, Representative John Barrow of Georgia, is still in Congress. Here is the full roll call. 

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