Minn., Mass. Turn Down Extension of Canceled Policies

by Sterling Beard

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton announced yesterday that his state would not allow insurance companies to extend plans that would otherwise have to be canceled, following criticism of Obama’s so-called “fix” by Minnesotan insurance companies. The Minnesota Council of Health Plans, which represents seven of the state’s largest insurers, contended that delaying cancellation would cause “major market disruptions” in the individual market and drive up premiums.

Massachusetts has also turned down the fix, though state insurance commissioner Joseph Murphy wrote yesterday to the Obama administration that policies that do not meet Obamacare’s new minimum standards of care are “virtually non-existent” in his state. That’s because the Bay State imposed similar standards of care in 2007 when its own health-care law went into effect.

“To change course at this time, and delay certain market reforms, could cause confusion and significant market disruption,” he wrote.

Rhode Island and Vermont have also turned down the president’s idea.

Via Kaiser Health News.

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