Bush Pals around with Leno in Final Tonight Show Appearance

by Andrew Johnson

​George W. Bush stopped by the Tonight Show on Tuesday night to bid host Jay Leno farewell before he steps down from the show early next year. The two discussed everything from Bush’s experience in office to his parents, his presidential library, and his painting hobby.

Bush stayed away from politics through the discussion, saying that it wasn’t appropriate for a former president to criticize his successor, but admitted his attitude was “better him than me” with regards to Obama’s being the current butt of jokes. As for his own presidency, he said he will let history be the judge: “I read some biographies of Washington — my attitude is if they’re still writing biographies about the first guy, the 43rd guy doesn’t need to worry about it,” he quipped.

Leno later asked — and teased — Bush about his newly-revealed paintings. The former president joked that he felt “there’s a Rembrandt trapped in this body” and decided to take up the hobby. After showing off a couple of paintings of his pets, Bush presented Leno with a painting of the host as a parting gift. “I can’t make fun of him now,” a grateful Leno said.

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