Ill. Averages One Obamacare Navigator, Ten Phone Calls per Insurance Plan Chosen

by Sterling Beard

The president’s home state has some lackluster figures when it comes to signing people up for Obamacare.

As John F. Wasik notes in The Fiscal Times, only 1,370 Illinoisans actually picked a plan through the first month of open enrollment in Obamacare. The state has employed roughly 1,300 navigators to assist residents in signing up and the state’s call center has fielded over 13,000 calls.

At those rates, it takes a navigator and ten phone calls to get a resident of the Land of Lincoln to pick an insurance plan.

Over 56,000 have applied for coverage, but the state projected almost half-a-million residents and small businesses would apply for insurance through the exchange, which is run in partnership with the federal government. 

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