McConnell Jokes ‘If You Like the Rules of the Senate, You Can Keep Them’

by Andrew Johnson

Mitch McConnell offered a one-liner after Harry Reid’s decision to launch the nuclear option that jabbed at both Reid’s reversal on the issue as well as the controversy surrounding Obamacare. “He may just as well have said if you like the rules of the Senate, you can keep them!” he gibed, to laughter from the audience.

He pointed to Reid’s comments from just a few months ago, in which he stated that he would not bring forward the nuclear option in regard to President Obama’s nominees for the D.C. Circuit, saying the reversal reflects the Democrats’ recent reputation for making misleading promises.

The minority leader accused Senate Democrats of “cooking up some fake fight” with the filibuster issue to distract from the array of problems facing the health-care law. “I’d want to be talking about something else too if I had to defend dogs getting insurance while millions of Americans lost theirs,” McConnell said in reference to a report that a man seeking coverage on the health-care exchanges was informed that his dog had been successfully enrolled.

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