KC Star: First JFK, Now BHO

by John J. Miller

The Kansas City Star says that conservatives killed JFK, and that if we’re not careful they’ll kill President Obama:

We live again — or perhaps still — in angry times. And today, as in 1963, much of the anger is directed at a leader who is seen by many as “different,” a disruption of the image that some people hold of the nation and the person who represents it as president.

In 1963, Dallas was a hotbed for conspiracy theories, contempt for the federal government and insinuations about the president’s loyalties and motives. Half a century later, all of that mistrust and anger has metastasized through the Internet, cable news and other media.

Fifty years ago, Americans were shocked to learn that a group of influential Dallas businessmen had circulated “Wanted for Treason” pamphlets before Kennedy’s arrival. Today, material like that directed at President Barack Obama is abundant.

Hat tip: @Fitz1776


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