‘Never in Our Adult Lives Have We Required Assistance from the Government’

by Rich Lowry

Something the Left can’t fathom when it touts the subsidies in Obamacare is that some people would prefer to fend for themselves, so they don’t feel anyone has done them a great favor by forcing them off their prior plans and onto government, or government-subsidized, insurance.

The op-ed yesterday in the Wall Street Journal by Nicole Hopkins on her mom getting forced into Medicaid hit on this point:

Before ObamaCare, Medicaid was one option. Not the option. Before this, she had never been, in effect, ordered to take a handout. Now she has been forced to join the government-reliant poor, though she would prefer to contribute her two mites. The authorities behind “affordable care” had erased her right to calculate what she was willing to spend to preserve her dignity — to determine what she thinks is affordable.

So does a piece in National Journal on Obamacare and redistribution:

Mark Knapp, who owns a toolmaking and sharpening business in Fairbanks, Alaska, is one of those white Americans who has always held a jaundiced view of Obamacare — but he recently has been given good reason beyond ideology. He and his wife received a cancellation notice from their insurer, Premera Blue Cross, that informed them the new policy would cost them $1,214 a month, a 62 percent increase from what they were paying. Premera explicitly blamed the Affordable Care Act for the change.

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