Some Firsthand Experience

by Maggie Gallagher

In my own continuing saga to buy health insurance (I am “COBRA’ed” off my NOM insurance, but that will end in 2014, so I must buy in the new market or find a new job with health benefits — I’m a 53-year-old diabetic, so hoping to find something here that works for me), I went last evening to

It is better. It takes a lot longer until you reach the dreaded 404 message. Figuring out whether the plan I buy allows me to keep my doctor has been remarkably difficult. You hit “provider directory” and get sent to the insurance company’s website, making connecting up the plan with the doctor not particularly easy.

And then you hit the 404 message. I will keep trying. It no longer seems impossible, just difficult. I welcome readers, who, like me, need insurance, to report their experiences on in the comments section.

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