Pa. State Rep Wants to Ban Scented Products in Certain Schools

by Sterling Beard

A Pennsylvania state legislator wants to ban perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and other scented products in schools where students that have fragrance allergies.

Republican state rep Marcia Hahn concedes that such a ban would be difficult to enforce and reeks of legislative overreach – “If you have a piece of legislation and it’s not enforceable, it doesn’t really help,” she said, according to the Pennsylvania Independent – but she wants to spark a conversation about the issue.

If the bill becomes law, districts would have to ban the use of scented products if a student has a fragrance allergy; if a school fails in its duty to notify its students and employees about the ban, it will have to pay the costs of any student’s suffering an allergic reaction.  

A fragrance allergy sidelined a student earlier this year at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pa., when he suffered a reaction to Axe body spray. He attempted to return to school later in the year but suffered another reaction; he is now taking cyber classes. 

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