Tiger Beat... White House Beat... Who Can Tell?

by Mark Steyn

These have been tough times for the Obammysoxers of the US media. So many mean-spirited right-wing extremists want to blow up out of all proportion one itsy-bitsy website and a few million bad-apple health insurance cancelations. But fortunately there are lots more important things for the expensively credentialed news journalist to cover. Hence the Associated Press’s so-called “Big Story” on five NEW things you never knew about President Obama!

Number One: He sings in the bathroom!

Number Two: The mother of a Pakistani roommate taught him to cook “an exciting lentil dish known as daal”!

Number Three: He once got a busted lip playing basketball…

Zzz… Oh, sorry, I dozed off for a moment, and had a dream about telling my broker to sell my Decatur Daily and Washington Post stock, but he just laughed…

The AP didn’t have room for Number Six, which was: President Obama occasionally thinks of using his j-school groupies as sexual playthings to be cast aside when his pleasure is sated, but unfortunately American journalists have no actual private parts…

PS My headline is a bit unfair on Tiger Beat: Unlike the AP, their “Obama: I sing in the shower!” cover turned out to be an Onion parody.

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