Dem. Rep.: Immigration Activists, Walmart Protesters Are Like Rosa Parks

by Andrew Johnson

Representative Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) has likened both immigration reform and the fight to increase the minimum wage to the effort for desegregation and civil-rights icon Rosa Parks.

As one of the leading voices for minimum-wage hikes of up to $15 per hour, Ellison argued that the small crowds at minimum-wage protests, such as at Walmart and fast-food restaurants, were comparable the stand taken by Parks.

“Remember, the Montgomery bus boycott didn’t start with a big crowd — it started with one lady saying, ‘I am not moving,’” he said on CNN on Tuesday. “That’s how these things are going to start too.”

Ellison tweeted out a similar message after his television appearance.

On Monday, Ellison announced he would participate in a day-long fast in solidarity with the Fast for Families activists who have fasted on the National Mall since last month in support of immigration reform. He tweeted a similar message comparing Parks and supporters of the Senate’s comprehensive bill.

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