Obamacare Enrollment Appears Low in Alaska

by Sterling Beard

Two months after the federal exchange opened for business in Alaska, enrollments remain pretty sparse.

The Alaska Dispatch reports that one of the state’s two insurers available on the federal exchange, Moda Health, has enrolled a grand total of 197 people in medical plans and 57 in dental plans. The state’s largest insurer, Premera Blue Cross, declined to give an enrollment number; however, a spokeswoman said that the insurer hopes “to see things pick up with the end of the year coming and the site functioning better.”

When it comes to other enrollment efforts, Enroll Alaska, a company founded to help Alaskans sign up for Obamacare, says it has enrolled 107 people—that number could have been higher, but the organization temporarily halted enrollments when it discovered that the exchange was under-calculating the subsidies Alaskans were supposed to receive. It isn’t clear how many of these enrollees are counted in the Moda Health figure. 

Obamacare navigators with the United Way of Anchorage have signed up one person in their office, according to Sandy McClintock, director of marketing. However, she says that others have called in with questions and enrolled from home. 

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