Krauthammer’s Take: Administration Using ‘Linguistic Sleight of Hand’ to Hide Site’s Problems

by NRO Staff

The White House is using “linguistic sleight of hand” to obscure further problems with, Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday night.

Despite the administration’s insistence that the back end of the website is fixed, insurers are getting erroneous information. As such, Krauthammer declared, the website will still be a problem.

“The back end sounds like some obscure curlicue in the process,” Krauthammer said. “It’s the cash register! It’s the point at which you make the purchase. And if you don’t have correct information or any information, you don’t have a purchase. You don’t have enrollment. You don’t have a plan, you have a catastrophe.”

Krauthammer also gave a pair of scenarios for why House press secretary Jay Carney reported the number of visitors to rather than giving an enrollment number today: the administration either knows the number of enrollees and is suppressing it or it truly has no way of knowing.

“This thing is absolutely nonfunctional,” Krauthammer said. 

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