Wendy Davis Donated Just $515 to Charity in 2011

by Andrew Johnson

Despite more than doubling her take-home pay over the past three years, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis donated just $515, or .2 percent of her income, to charity in 2011 and $950, .3 percent of her income, in 2012. A report by the Texas Tribune found that Davis’ gross income increased to $284,183 in 2012 from $130,931 in 2010.

At her own law firm, Newby Davis, Davis saw significant pay raises over the past three years: $33,346 in 2010, $52,691 in 2011, and $154,212 in 2012, according to tax returns. The firm’s clients include a handful of state public-sector departments, including the North Texas Tollway Authority and DFW Airport Board. The Tribune also reports that Davis made up to $14,000 annually from capital gains during that period.

Davis rose to national stardom after staging a filibuster to a state bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks and increase standards in abortion clinics to meet those set for hospital-style surgical centers.

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