Rand Paul Signs Up for Obamacare

by Sterling Beard

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said yesterday that he has enrolled his family in Obamacare, but he isn’t happy about it. In fact, he says he has “been in a bad mood ever since.”

The freshman senator said he paid $20,000 for his plan, four times as much as he paid five years ago.

However, high prices weren’t the only thing that the senator found off-putting about signing up through DC Health Link, the healthcare exchange designated for members of Congress. It took him two hours to successfully enroll because the website lost the data he entered the first time around.

“I went through all of my information and then I clicked the sign up button — which I wasn’t very happy because of the price — but it didn’t sign up and I lost all my data,” Paul said in Louisville.  “And I had to start all over again and finally got through.”

Paul said that in his home state of Kentucky, 40 times as many people have lost insurance than have signed up for Obamacare, and that he wants a “unified Republican spokesman” to counter the Obama administration’s messaging.

“Everyday when there’s a press conference and Jay Carney gives his opinion, we should have a press conference immediately after there with our opinion,” Paul said.


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