Covered California Wants You to Stuff Stockings With Obamacare

by Sterling Beard

Covered California, the state’s Obamacare exchange, wants you to “Give the Gift of Health” this holiday season.

The exchange has put up a new webpage that provides users with several ways to give the gift. Options include:

  • Sending loved ones a pre-written email “telling them you care and want to make sure they have health coverage.”
  • Printing a pledge certificate (shown below) to present to your loved ones “as a symbol of your willingness to help them get insured.”
  • Obtaining a list of “tips for starting a discussion with friends and family about the importance of having health insurance.”

The exchange also suggests that family members or friends “may choose to help young adults by paying for a month or more of their insurance premium.” 

Covered California says it will partner with community-based organizations and other Obamacare advocates to promote the “Give the Gift of Health” campaign through email blasts and social media in English and Spanish.

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