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Atheist Group Blasts Pryor: ‘Theocrats Are Dangerous’


Senator Mark Pryor, an Arkansas Democrat facing one of the toughest reelection races in 2014, isn’t just in Republicans’ crosshairs. He released an ad this week calling the Bible his “North Star” and saying it gives him “guidance to do what’s best for Arkansas.” The spot drew criticism from the right, the left, and now, from apolitical atheists. Annie Laurie Gaylor, a spokesperson for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, tells National Review Online that the spot is theocratic and disturbing, and that Pryor’s comments should raise questions about his policy views.

“For him to say that he’s going to make decisions based on the Bible for the people of the state of Arkansas is pretty scary,” she says, citing the plethora of sins for which Old Testament prescribes stoning, including homosexuality.

When I asked her if that meant her group thinks Arkansans should oppose his reelection, she said the foundation doesn’t make political endorsements.

“We can just say generally, of course, that we think that theocrats are dangerous, that religion and government is dangerous.” she tells me. “Watch out when you unite church and state. We would like to see politicians show reverence for constitutional principles and to honor the oath of office they take to uphold our secular and godless constitution.”

“It’s almost a parody, that ad,” she says.


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