Is Religion Even Legal?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Seth Lipsky writes in response to a dangerous ACLU lawsuit essentially against the concept of Catholic health care:

Welcome to the next front in the war against religion. The target is members of the clergy themselves, for hewing to their religion. If the ACLU gets its way in Michigan, not only priests could be in legal jeopardy. Also rabbis, pastors and imams. . . .

Is it going to be illegal in America for doctors to refuse to perform abortions? Is it going to be illegal for clergy to discourage women from having abortions? Is it going to be illegal for clergy to discourage doctors from performing abortions? . . .

Once the ACLU is done with the Catholic chain of command, who’s next? The chief rabbis of Israel this year issued a rare public statement likening abortion to “fetal murder.” Are they — or those who look to them for guidance — going to be fair game for the ACLU if a Jewish institution deems that the life of the mother is not in enough danger to send her to an abortion clinic?

Secularism would have you surrendering your conscience as soon as you leave a house of worship . . . to run a business, to run a hospital, to pay taxes. That’s what’s playing out in these ongoing and increasing lawsuits over religious liberty.