Christmas Morning: Lincoln Unbound Unwrapped!

by Jack Fowler

Get your copy of Rich Lowry’s acclaimed book. Just $27, which includes shipping and handling, it’ll make a great gift, for yourself or for anyone you know who loves history, our 16th president, and a fresh new take on how he remains very relevant (and inspiring!) to America. Here’s what some people have to say about this great handsome hardcover book:

Charles Krauthammer — “A gem: powerfully argued, beautifully written, and both politically and historically illuminating. Lowry makes an impassioned case for a contemporary Republican renewal on truly Lincolnian lines.”

Congressman Paul Ryan — “In this important book, Rich Lowry explains how the president’s opposition to slavery was closely intertwined with his belief in economic freedom. Lowry’s book reminds us that the ultimate basis for economic freedom is moral: It honors the dignity owed to every person, regardless of skin color or social condition.”

William Kristol — “We live today, Rich Lowry writes, in a ‘Lincolnian republic.’ Lowry explains what that means through a fascinating exploration of some of the less well known aspects of Lincoln’s life and thought. In recapturing the ‘essential Lincoln,’ Lowry helps us think about what’s essential to the promise of America.”

Kirkus Reviews — “A quick, smoothly readable account of Lincoln the political striver, the embodiment of the Declaration’s ’central idea . . . that every man can make himself.’”

Bill Bennett — “This book is essential for understanding why Lincoln’s convictions and ambitions are vitally relevant for conservatives today.”

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