Krauthammer’s Take: Obama’s Hope Iranian Regime Will Change ‘Fatuous’

by NRO Staff

President Obama’s hope for a change in behavior from the Iranian government is “fatuous,” Charles Krauthammer said Monday evening.

“All the evidence is that the Iranian regime has not changed its behavior,” Krauthammer said on Special Report, noting its doubling of machines producing enriched uranium and support for Shiite forces in the Syrian civil war.

Instead, Iran is threatening to walk away from the negotiating table if Congress passes a resolution that would create the threat of additional sanctions if the details of the interim nuclear deal were not followed after a period of six months, Krauthammer noted.

The Obama administration and the State Department oppose the resolution on the grounds that it would undermine negotiations, a fact which Krauthammer found befuddling.

“Why would the administration reject a resolution which would enforce every element of the plan it says it already has?” he asked. 

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