McConnell: Senate Conservatives Fund ‘Engaged in Outrageous Behavior’

by Andrew Johnson

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell fired another shot at the Senate Conservatives Fund on Tuesday, but clarified that while he has distaste for the group, he has appreciation and support for the Tea Party as a whole.

“I’m a big fan of the Tea Party writ large,” the Kentucky Republican told Fox News, crediting the movement for helping regain the House and make gains in the Senate in 2010. He characterized the SCF as just “one of a number of different tea-party groups” that doesn’t mean it’s emblematic of the movement as a whole.

“It is the one that, I think, has engaged in outrageous behavior that’s cost us seats,” McConnell explained, describing it as “counterproductive” to the movement has a whole.

Be sure to read Jonathan Strong’s recent piece on the roots of McConnell’s feud with Jim DeMint and the SCF.

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