Six-Year-Old Suspended for ‘Sexual Harassment’ for Kissing Classmate

by Andrew Johnson

A first-grade boy in Colorado now has an indictment of sexual harassment on his school record after kissing a classmate — his “girlfriend” — on the hand during class. “This is taking it to an extreme that doesn’t need to be met with in a six-year-old,” the boy’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, said.

Saunders​ said students told their teacher about the incident after her son Hunter Yelton leaned over to kiss the girl’s hand. The boy was sent to the principal’s office and a parental meeting was called. While Hunter has had some behavioral issues in the past, Saunders feels the current charges are making too much of the incident.

“How can you say this about my child?” she added. “Remove sexual harassment; remove it from his record.”

CNN reports that the district’s superintendent believes Hunter’s actions fit the school policy’s description of sexual harassment, but indicated that Hunter’s record will remain in the district.

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