Festivus Pole to be Erected at Fla. Capitol

by Sterling Beard

After a nativity scene was erected last week outside the Florida capitol building, a Florida man intends to erect a six-foot tall Festivus pole made of empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans to complement the religious display.

The pole is actually the third holiday display to go up at the capitol: Last week, a group known as the Florida Nativity Scene Committee erected a depiction of Jesus’ birth. Two days later, the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up a banner praising the separation of church and state.

Festivus is a holiday on the TV show Seinfeld created by the character Frank Costanza. The holiday’s traditions include erecting an aluminum pole, performing feats of strength, and the Airing of Grievances (telling family members “all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year”). Some sites sell Festivus poles, and even Google gets in on the act when someone searches for the holiday.

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