W. Va. Signs 60 up for Medicaid for Each Private-Plan Enrollee

by Sterling Beard

A total of 1,237 West Virginians have enrolled in private plans on the federal healthcare exchange, but the state has signed up more than 60 times that number for Medicaid.

According to Nancy Atkins, Commissioner for the Bureau for Medical Services, 74,981 residents have signed up for expanded Medicaid, a figure which doesn’t include those who have signed up through the federal healthcare exchange or children who will transfer to the program from the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

According to a Department of Health and Human Resources spokeswoman, the majority of new signups come from auto-enrollment letters which DHHR sent out, including 118,000 sent to recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. An additional 12,605 enrolled through the state’s Medicaid enrollment website. 

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