Boehner Urges House GOP Not to ‘Surrender’ Voting Cards to Outside Groups

by Eliana Johnson

Outside the GOP conference meeting on Wednesday, House speaker John Boehner angrily denounced the conservative groups that have voiced their opposition to the House-Senate budget deal. He did the same thing inside the closed-door meeting, too. One member present at the meeting says Boehner “lambasted outside groups as being only interested in expanding their lists.” 

Conservative groups including the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, and Americans for Prosperity are lambasting the budget deal struck between Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray. Boehner, according to the GOP congressman, “said rating Republicans as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ based on voting record is ridiculous” and urged members not to “surrender” their voting cards to outside groups. 

Boehner was equally outspoken in comments to reporters. “They’re using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals,” Boehner said of the groups, whose increasing prominence has scuttled several of his legislative efforts. 

The bipartisan budget agreement would authorize spending $1.012 trillion in 2014, higher than scheduled, and reduce the deficit by approximately $20 billion. 

“This is ridiculous,” Boehner fumed. “Listen, if you’re for deficit reduction, you’re for this agreement.”

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