Senate Staff Alerted D.C. Exchange May Be Wrongly Telling Them They’ve Enrolled

by Andrew Johnson

Some senators and their staff are experiencing at least one Obamacare-related hardship: confusion over whether they have been enrolled and will receive coverage on January 1. Earlier today, Senate staffers received an e-mail saying that even if they received confirmation from DC Health Link, the district’s exchange, that they’ve enrolled in a plan, they shouldn’t assume they’re actually enrolled unless they’ve also gotten a letter from the Senate’s Disbursing Office saying they are.

The Disbursing Office told staffers it was “essential” to contact them in order to verify that they had successfully enrolled.

“Do NOT rely on your ‘My Account’ page or other correspondence from DCHL,” the e-mail reads. “Please DO NOT ASSUME you are covered unless you have seen the Confirmation Letter from the Disbursing Office!”

Staffers who thought they were enrolled but haven’t heard from the Disbursement Office are instructed to send an e-mail to the office — not the Washington exchange — with personal information and a sentence explaining they haven’t heard from the office. They’ll be given a “Special Enrollment Period” that will still allow them to be covered by January 1.

Via AEI’s Marc Thiessen.

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