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Krauthammer’s Take: Administration Exaggerating Enrollment for Democrats’ Benefit


Every Obamacare enrollment number is exaggerated because they are not truly measuring what they claim to, Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday evening.

“These are not enrollees, it’s people who put stuff in their shopping cart. Amazon would never call it a sale until you get a sale,” Krauthammer said on Special Report, “and they don’t even know how many have made the sale. And that’s because. . .the cash register of the whole system is not working.”

Krauthammer speculated that the administration was exaggerating numbers in order to alleviate congressional Democrats’s fears.

“I think all of this is to assuage Democrats to give them something to hang their hats on and pretend everything’s okay on the recess. But the beginning of January is going to be a trainwreck for them,” he said.


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