‘The Left’s Reality Problem’

by Rich Lowry

Remember “the reality-based community”? I write in Politico today about what a tough time it is having of it lately:

The deceptions around Obamacare are central — both to the law and to the left’s advocacy generally. So much of liberal policy is based on Affordable Care Act-style thinking, which involves hiding and never acknowledging the costs of a given policy; giving legislation a warm and fuzzy name on the assumption that its results will live up to that appellation; and moralistic attacks on people who resist as fools and ogres.

Every side in a political argument tends to gild the lily, but the acknowledgment of any downside is particularly devastating to liberal presumptions. Liberals are inherently activists on domestic policy, and to make the strongest possible case for action, you need certainty not nuance, cost-free benefits, not painful trade-offs, blissful promises not unintended consequences.


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